Why You Need Wireless Internet Security Camera

Wireless internet security camera are not different from regular internet security cameras except that they do not need a wire to keep the connection with the base as it can transmit data as radio signal.


But this feature changes its importance many times from the rest. Because of the wireless feature, you can move the camera as you wish as you can carry it with you; however, you will not be able to carry it too far from the receiver as the transmitting range is usually not very long.


The wireless internet security camera is based on the idea of digital IP networks. Almost every popular brand of security cameras has different models that work on this type of network and they are usable with a computer with some very simple installation and controlling guide. Based on the used technology, there are a lot of variations in these cameras. The most common forms are mega pixel models, PTZ models, vandal proof models, mini dome models and fixed models. Among these, the fixed and vandal proof models are not movable and you have to keep them attached in a fixed place.


Unlike the old analog system which used a coax networks, the wireless internet security camera use Ethernet IP Network which is fully digital and have all the features of a digital security system. The most common way of transmitting data is using high frequency radio signal which is undetectable by other electronic devices in the room. In some cases, Bluetooth is used, but that is not very common.

The way an internet camera works is using Internet Protocol network through a computer that is connected with the network. It can monitor the computer as it can be controlled by the base unit. It supports multiple security protocols like DHCP, TCP/IP, FTP, HTTP, and SMTP. The used protocol is defined within the camera model. Because of this facility of using multiple protocols, you are allowed to use different network media like VPN (Virtual Private Network), LAN and WAN. And of course, they are usable in the public internet or the network that general users use. The video signals from the camera can be monitored from any remote location if it is not restricted by the administrator. You can just log into the right video network to find out the video surveillance.

Like all other wireless surveillance cameras, these cameras are also cost more than the wired cameras; but you will have more flexibility in using it.

Internet Marketing Tips – Avoid Spamming People

Avoid Spamming People

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With so many people moving towards an online community to get goods and services, Internet marketing tips seem to be on the mind of small business owners and affiliate marketing talent alike. If you’re in either one of those categories, it’s important to look into options that will get your information into the eyes of millions of potential friends and customers. While some skeptics will scoff at the notion of getting free advertising, many large companies have figured out the best way to get promotion is to befriend others through free profiles on social networking websites.

Success without spamming people

Most recently, in an issue of Money Magazine, a small business was highlighted as getting an increase of 200% in profit through simply giving away their software in exchange for a social media shout out. With so many people taking advantage of this, and so many users talking about it on their social media page, the company become profitable nearly overnight, and millions of new potential customers came to their website and purchased other items.

If you want to duplicate that kind of success, you’ll have to figure out what internet marketing tips will work for you and what won’t. There are several do’s and don’ts that are applicable to situations of marketing potential. For instance, you do want to engage people in conversation about what it is you and your company do, but you don’t want it to be so transparent that you’re selling something to someone. If you’re not selling anything, but rather are trying to communicate with a new user base, you’ll find that spamming people is easy.

If you simply send a message to a stranger, even if they seem interested, you could be labeled as a spam artist. In the marketing world, the spam title is a major blunder that you want to never have to deal with. Instead of sending people blind messages, make sure that you engage all friends and neighbors in any social networking site with sincerity, and do not mention what you’re promoting for quite sometime.

Let the conversations happen over time, naturally. It will take some savvy, but you can get any one to be interested in your content, if you simply engage them at a social level that is not pretentious in any way. The easiest way to facilitate this is to simply comment on their posts, pictures, and communicate with them through simple questions and answers.

Don’t over complicate it by spamming people; it’s not that hard.

Natural Muscle Relaxers Ease Pain Without Addiction

If you suffer from muscle pain on a daily basis or even occasionally, you know how it can overtake your life. One day you are living an active, fulfilling life and the next day you find it difficult to roll over in bed, let alone get up and go to work or do other activities. The good news is there are some ways to relieve pain naturally, so you don’t have to go in for surgery or risk getting addicted to prescription pain medication. Before you go to the doctor and ask for that prescription, try taking natural or organic muscle relievers first.

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Right now, there are hundreds of thousands of people living the life of addiction. These people could easily be your neighbors, your babysitter, or family members you love. They are not drug addicts that you will find out on the streets begging money for their next hit. Yet, they are still addicted in every sense of the word. We are talking about people addicted to prescription pain medications.

The problem with this form of addiction is it starts out from a legitimate need for pain relief. Someone is in a car accident or falls and twists their back. They are in a lot of pain and a doctor prescribes prescription medications. They take the pills, either not knowing that they could end up addicted or because they feel it is the only way to bring some relief to the pain. Many will take the pills even if they know they are addictive, simply because they cannot afford to call off work or not get up and take care of their children.

You may find yourself in those stories somewhere, or you might have an entirely different story of how you came to be in so much pain. The difference is you don’t have to make the mistake of taking those addictive prescription medications. You can choose to natural and organic muscle relaxers instead. These natural supplements can ease your muscles and inhibit the nerve impulses that can tighten the muscle and create pain with movement. If you have muscular pain that makes it painful to move around, then chances are natural muscle relaxers could help you relieve the pain and continue at least some activities in you enjoy.

If you suffer from a disease that involves pain due to involuntary muscle contractions, you can also find great relief through the use of natural and organic muscle relaxers. These natural supplements are even more beneficial when there is a long term source of pain. Taking prescription medications for a long period of time increases the risk of addiction. If you can get at least some of your pain relief from a natural source that is not addicting, you have less chance of the condition negatively affecting your daily life. Here is a short list of some natural supplements that have proven to function as natural muscle relaxers:

Kava Root
Dong Quai
You don’t have to live in pain, but you don’t have to risk a serious addiction to pain medication just to find relief. If you haven’t checked into natural and organic muscle relaxers yet, this is a good thing to consider before you fill that prescription.

HerbalWiseSupplements is an Independant Herbalife Distributor that is dedicated to bringing the best nutrition to the world one person at a time. For natural herbal muscle relaxers click here. For relaxation and sleep aid click here.

Mini Truck Utility

Mini trucks are also called kei trucks from the Japanese word, kei, which stands for “light weight.” These types of vehicles are lesser in scale, weight, cost, & fuel consumption. These trucks have various options such as two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, automatic transmission, forced induction engines, and many more. They are growing in popularity in the United States, in Canada, and in a lot of other countries.

differential for trucks

These 4 x 4 mini trucks can operate off the road and in all terrains as well. They are utility vehicles that can be used for any purpose. In the Asian nation of Japan, these kei trucks strictly undergo emission standards of the Environmental Protection Agency and inspections mandated by their government. And as the vehicle increases in age, the cost of these inspections increase as well, thus, the exporting scheme was born.

These trucks have options such as liquid cooled engines; two, three, four cylinder gasoline engines; from 550 cc to 660 cc engines; or 40 miles per gallon engines. There’s a feature with axle lock or differential lock. The tires are twelve inches in diameter. The dimensions are 10 ft in length, 4 ft in width, and 5 ft in height. They tip the scales at about 1800 pounds. The instrumentations are complete with oil, electric, and temperature gauges. They have defrosting or heating windshield & rear windows, wipers, and headlights, and capable of air-conditioning. The 4 ft x 6 ft rear beds can be customized with flat beds, rail beds, passenger cabs, van type, or hydraulic dumps. Some states require the installation of speed governors to limit the speed to 25 to 30 mph otherwise top speed should reach 60 mph. Some states overrule their being street legal.

These mini trucks can be used as utility vehicles in airports; trams in amusement parks; engine transport in auto garages; carrying sloops in boat yards; passenger transport in complexes; material delivery in constructions; all-around transport in farming; cargo transport in piers; equipment transport in fishing; tourist trams in garden parks; drug & equipment delivery in hospitals; food delivery in resort hotels; game mover in hunting; ore transport in industrial mines; junk transport in auto yards; sapling transport in landscaping; consumer tram in malls; tools & equipment hauler in manufacturing yards; exhibit transporter in museums; pit stop service in race tracks; student trams in schools & universities; athlete trams in sports centers; parcel delivery in train stations; storage movement in warehouses, etc.

Discover 3 Important Life Saving Concepts to Help Fight Prostate Cancer Re-Occurrence

Picture yourself five, ten years or more down the road. Surviving prostate cancer. YOU CAN. YOU HAVE TOO!

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So, take a few moments now and discover what others have discovered to be a strong survivor in the battle to combat re-occurrence of prostate cancer.

Here are 3 very important life changing powerful daily essential concepts I’m going to reveal help you benefit from and help build a strong self defense against re-occurrence.

Pay close attention!

1. Secret foods that block a cancer strike

2. Don’t believe everything the Doc’s tell you, constant surveillance is important and what you should be checking.

3. Shocking evidence that proves certain exercises are excellent in the fight against re-occurrence.

There are many cancer fighting foods but maybe I should start by saying take beef, pork and dairy out of your diet.

These are saturated fats, trans fats and (AA) arachidonic acid. They are considered to be really “bad” fats.

Arachidonic acids are found primarily in fatty red meats, egg yolks and organ meats. This particular polyunsaturaed fat may be the most dangerous fat known when consumed in excess.

Prostate cancer has been linked to dairy products in several studies as well.

Are you getting the message?

Now let me share with you some good healthy foods that will help you build resistance and stay healthy.

Men treated for prostate cancer also showed that orange and yellow vegetables, such as squash, yams, and carrots, and cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and green vegetables, cut the risk of recurrence by about half.

If you eat chicken or poultry, eat it without the skin.

A five years study testing the benefits of pomegranate juice, found that an 8-ounce glass a day continues to keep prostate cancer recurrence away.

Original results showed that the men’s overall PSA doubling time was nearly four times slower after they began drinking pomegranate juice.

Their PSA doubling time is now nearly five times slower than before they started drinking the juice

Lycopene, another antioxidant found mainly in cooked tomatoes and tomato products such as ketchup can cut the chance that prostate cancer will spread.

As a reference I usually follow the advice of Dr. Snuffy Myers who himself is a prostate cancer survivor and a Medical Oncologist with his own Medical Practice located in Virginia.

You can find his book “Eating Your Way To Better Health” on our site see link below.

Now, I can almost hear your mind saying but what about The Doc’s.

Yes you need to do what they say but they don’t say everything.

Good medical practice tells you to eat right, go on a good diet and you might live longer.

I had a friend that has a rare type blood cancer. The doc’s told him that a high protein diet is very good for his cancer.

Well it probably is but not by eating beef. Eating beans is better and are full of protein.

Exercise is a very important factor in combating prostate cancer.

As little as 15 minutes of exercise a day can reduce overall mortality rates in patients with prostate cancer.

Men who engaged in three or more hours a week jogging, biking, swimming or playing tennis for about a half-hour per day — had a 35 percent lower risk of overall mortality.

Exercise is known to influence a number of hormones hypothesized to stimulate prostate cancer, boost immune function and reduce inflammation.

Walking is easy to do and you can go out for a brisk walk just about every day for between 15 to 30 minutes per day.

Bicycling is an adventure, a thrill, and a freeing experience. It’s a way to get stronger; to get healthier; to fight back as your body battles illness.

So as you go out and face illness, or frustrations, bad day at work, know that cycling helps, It offering you freedom, excitement, health and weight loss.

Promoting cycling helps raise awareness about early detection and promotes a healthy outlook for prostate cancer survivors. It also helps take the edge off of have that nagging “will it recur” thought sitting on your shoulder.

Being comfortable having a safe ride on your bike is also important. That’s why we have addressed what we consider to be the most comfortable healthy bike saddle available for anyone but especially for people with prostate problems. You can find them and more health information at: www.comforthealthybikesaddles.com.

Bill K Prostate Cancer Survivor

Bill is a prostate cancer survivor. After being diagnosed he was advised to have the prostate removed, went through 7 weeks of radiation and became incontinent from the surgery and radiation. He has been and is into staying healthy and decided to develop his cycling in an effort to fight the cancer and to stop any reoccurence in its tracks. Bicycling is an adventure, a thrill, and a freeing experience that non-cyclists can only imagine. It’s more than that, though?cycling is a way to get stronger; to get healthier; to fight back as your body battles illness. Riding with prostate cancer and an artificial sphincter was not easy. I had to find a bike seat that would accommodate my bike riding. He did and now want to tell every Baby Boomer and especially every Prostate Cancer survivor about these seats and the benefits of Fighting Prostate Cancer with good exercise like Cycling. Bill is 68 and keeps on biking. You can too.

Composition – The Crux of the Image

Composition – The Concept

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Art is a very diverse field. It has simple concepts, which interestingly have deep connotations mostly. Each work of art has different visual elements, which have unique placement, intensity, and logic. Composition is the arrangement, coexistence, & inter-relation between various such elements, imparting the desired feel and meaning to an image, while complying fully with the principles of arts. It is very important in all the art forms. While a good musical composition stands timeless, a well-composed photograph is a masterpiece. Visual Arts (mainly painting, graphic design, photography, and sculpture) is the only genre where composition can actually be ‘seen.’

Elements of Composition

o Line – It is the path of a design, which the eyes follow. They include straight (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, angular) and curved lines.
o Space – Space an image takes (positive) or between images (negative)
o Form – 3-D length, width, and/or height (depth)
o Shape – Geometric or organic shapes within a design
o Color – Hues and their intensity
o Value – Shading to highlight form
o Texture – Surface quality, which also affects its visual perception

Composition is not as easy as it sounds. It is as much a science as an art. Based on concepts, the elements classification is:

o Scientific and Physical Concepts – The following need to be arranged and used for generating a well-composed image:








Other elements of design
o Art Concepts – Artistically, composition is the extent of human creativity. Any visual artist first imagines the whole layout of the work, followed by its portrayal physically on the selected platform. These parameters of compositional ‘beauty,’ called the visual aspects, include:








Compositional Techniques

o Rule of Thirds – 3 vertical and horizontal lines cut through an image here. The image is therefore divided into 9 equal sized grids.
o Rule of Odds – The portrayal is turned odd deliberately to add interest
o Rule of Space – Arrangement of the various elements of design
o Focus – The areas or objects to be focused in an artwork are defined by focus. A composition should be such that the viewer should take a note of every inch of the artwork.


Being all about creativity, the composition of the image should not be controlled fully by principles, postulates, and definitions. In fact, it can even be a free flow of ideas. When the desirability of an artwork is obtained, it is said that ‘unity’ is achieved. Therefore, ‘unity’ is a combination of all the above factors in a manner, which pleases the human mind and leads to admiration, which is the absolute aim of Visual Arts.

Annette Labedzki received her BFA at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. She has more than 25 years experience. She is the founder and developer of an online art gallery featuring original art from all over the world. Please visit the website at http://www.Labedzki-Art.com It is a great site for art collectors to buy original art. Artists can join for free and their image upload is unlimited.

Lap Dance Classes – Why They Are a Huge Waste of Time and Money!

Lap dancing may not be the world’s oldest profession, but until recently, mainstream society has considered it along the same lines. That perception is changing rapidly. In the last few years, there has been a huge increase in popularity for live erotic entertainment, not only in strip clubs but in private homes as well. More and more, lap dance classes for women are being offered around the country in suburban and metropolitan areas.

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Chances are, if you take ‘professional’ lap dance classes, you’ll learn everything you need to know about lap dancing, whether it’s for the fun of it or because you want to break into the erotic entertainment business. But if you’re just a regular gal, you probably don’t have a lot of extra money to throw around. That’s A-OK! Why? Because you really don’t have to pay crazy by-the-hour rates or course fees to take lap dance classes. You can learn what you need to know at minimal costs on internet websites like this one and others!

You probably already know that lap dancing is a type of erotic entertainment provided on request (and for a fee) to patrons of the strip club scene. It usually involves, among other moves, a dancer rubbing her body sensuously against her client’s lap and groin, much to his enjoyment!

Most guys have this ‘thing’ about lap dancers. They secretly wished they were married or engaged to one! This is not to say that they don’t totally respect you or that they would ever consider cheating on you with one of these dancers. But you can trust and believe that if you gave him the occasional steamy, sexy, hot lap in dance in the privacy of your own home, he’ll be fantasizing about you and not that sexy, talented stripper at the nudie bar across town!

If you’re looking for lap dance classes that will teach you how to dance like a pro, then the internet is all you really need. Instructional websites and articles will offer step-by-step instructions on how to make the right moves, what kind of clothes to wear, what kind of music to dance to, how to set the mood with lighting and aromatherapy so you can really turn a guy on and have him eating out of your hand in no time.

You can also find informative reviews about which of these classes are worth checking into, and which are a complete waste of time and money. And as is usually the case, you’ll discover the most expensive programs are not necessarily the best!

The good ones are produced by some of the industry’s top erotic dance pros from places like Las Vegas, Reno, Hollywood, Palm Beach. They don’t have time to teach traditional in-person classes, because they’re too busy making money! On the other hand, most of the “pro” strippers who are giving one-on-one instructions are doing so because they were not good enough to make a living at lap dancing — so they try they hand at over priced online course teaching their trade. Be wary of such offers!

Having said all that, look around. Do some comparison shopping. Check the credentials of instructors offering lap dance classes online, and read some reviews by those who’ve tried these services before. You’re sure to find the right site and the right course for you! Before long, you’ll be wrapping your guy around your little finger because he’s smitten by your sexy, sensual lap dancing moves!

For more information about where to get lap dance lessons or to just get a few tips for how to do a lap dance, visit LearnHowToLapDance.org right now. They’ll teach your everything you need to know!

3 Eye Vision Exercises to Improve Your Eyesight

Eye vision are often not hard to implement. Take a read at any “rebuild your vision naturally” guide, spend 30 minutes to understand them and you’re ready to go.

Memory Healer

Problem is, you don’t see results immediately. It is a natural approach and as with any holistic approach to curing anything – it WILL take time. But with people close to you, people who know love you, convincing you to quit – saying such things would never work, I can’t blame you that sometimes you really do feel like an idiot for trying it out.

Venus Factor PDF

I know I did. I went through all that.

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And so doing eye vision exercises takes a bit of a faith. It takes patience and courage. It’s not easy. But when you actually achieved what you set out to, you could show all the skeptics… but more importantly, you could once again see clearly without glasses.

Bearing that in mind, let’s get to the eye vision exercises.

Palming. Close your eyes and place your palms over them while you imagine something that relaxes. For example, I like to imagine of the beach, or a field of flowers.
Swinging. Raise your hand sideways until shoulder level. Close your eyes and swing left to right while you imagine you’re at your favorite place, swinging left to right.
Any amount of eye vision exercises simply will not work if you don’t severely limit the amount of time you wear your glasses – just like a cripple will never learn to walk if he don’t try walking without his crutches.
If you like this article, you might want to subscribe to my “Perfect Vision For Life” Newsletter and learn of more eye vision exercises [http://www.eyeexercisesrevealed.com].

Katie Chan is the owner of Eye Strengthening Exercises [http://www.eyeexercisesrevealed.com/eye-strengthening-exercises] blog where she shares information on good vision habits, eye exercises and supplements she used to get rid of her glasses after having worn them for more than 15 years.

Browsing Through Homes For Sale: When To Settle and When to Demand Perfection

If you are looking at buying a new home, there are several factors to consider. You will want to think carefully about the house’s style, square footage, location, and price tag. Looking for the right home is tricky, and these are the standard things that you should consider.

Clyde Hill Washington real estate

The style of a home is a hugely important factor. You may not immediately realize that having a Cape Cod versus a Tudor style versus a ranch-style is all that essential, but the reality of the situation is that everyone, consciously or not, has a preference for a certain style of architecture and look.

Clyde Hill WA homes for sale

Some types of home may be more accessible than others, so if your tastes are more esoteric, you may need to put more effort into the search. Another factor to consider with regard to the style is whether or not any of the prospective residents have special needs. If this is the case, then houses with one main floor are the best way to arrange things.

homes for sale in Clyde Hill WA

The square footage of a house is another thing to keep in mine when you are cruising through homes for sale. If you are moving your family, then you might need a certain amount of space to accommodate the kids and grownups alike. If you entertain often, you might want to have an extra bedroom space for guests or even a small apartment area at the top of the house. If your collection of things has a lot of sentimental value, sturdy and dry storage space is also a must. It all depends on your unique situation.

The area is another major draw when it comes to finding a house. Your life circumstances and reasons for choosing a particular home will have a lot to do with this factor. If you are unmarried and work downtown, then you might see a loft-style condo for more convenient living. If you are raising kids, then a safe neighborhood and close proximity to a school are musts. If you are in retirement, then a quiet area with neighbors of a similar age group is an excellent idea.

Finally, the last major factor in choosing a new home is price. The perfect home can meet all your needs, but that does not necessarily mean that you and your family can afford the monthly mortgage. Set a budget and stick to it.

After looking at many different homes for sale, hopefully your needs will be met by the property you select. Just know when to be flexible and compromise on the things that don’t matter in light of the ultimate goal: your dream home.

Roller Blinds – Why They’re So Popular

Roller blinds have always been a popular choice for budget conscious home owners and young graduates moving into new apartments. But now with the advent of trendy, custom designed blinds more and more people are deciding to choose roller blinds over the myriad of other window treatments. So what are the reasons for their long lasting popularity?

Blinds fitters Nottingham

Affordability – Roller blinds are a fairly simple design and come in varying fabrics, which means they’ve always been attainable to even the most price aware buyers. The installation costs are also extremely low, as compared to wooden venetian blinds for example. In fact rather than having to hire specialist blind fitters it would suffice to get a competent handyman to do the same job for a fraction of the price.

Simple Mechanism – Roller blinds are made with a simple roller which the fabric wraps around. This is connected to a simple pulley system which young or old can use. The simple mechanism means the blinds can be “opened” in a matter of seconds, flooding the room with light, or alternatively can be “closed” just as quickly ensuring privacy is established within seconds. This simple system means there’s little chance of anything going wrong, however if repairs are necessary it usually requires someone with basic DIY skills to fix it.

Great selection – The choice of fabrics is vast for these blinds and offer great convenience to the discerning homeowner. For bathrooms or kitchens you could buy “washable” fabrics like vinyl etc. However for other areas of the house you could choose anything from velvet and silks to cotton and polyester, depending on the budget and style required. In the last few years there’s been an explosion of young designers creating awesome patterns and funky styles at extremely affordable prices. These are great for student apartments, children’s bedrooms or even for daring individuals’ lounges.

Cleaning and Maintenance – Roller blinds are the easiest of all window treatments to maintain. Think of your curtains that need to be unhooked and washed either in the machine or even to be professionally dry cleaned. Or how about wooden venetian blinds that need special polishes and regular coats of varnish to ensure they keep their lustre. Roller blinds are a dream in comparison to all these. All they need is a few wipes with a soft brush to remove any dust and another rub down with a damp cloth to remove any of the more stubborn stains. Instead of spending hours maintaining other window treatments on a regular basis – these blinds only need a few minutes each every couple of weeks to ensure they keep looking as great as they did when you first bought them.